Dale Kerwilson

Dale is the noble of adventure. He is an Albertan farmer.


Passions and Skills
*Skill: Farming (2)
*Skill: Shooting (1)
*Passion: I love my family (2 daughters and a wife)(2)
*Passion: The family farm is important to me (1)
*Passion: I care about my community (except for George, he can burn in hell)(1)

Properties of Adventure
*Adventure is life-changing and can make a hero out of an ordinary person (2)
*Adventure confers a boon upon its protagonist (1)
*Adventure calls (it’s best not to refuse the call) (1)
*Adventure is leaving the comfort of the known world for an unknown land of treasure and danger (3)

Attributes (25pts)
*Persona: 5 (15pts)
*Treasure: 3 (9pts) (Adventure Hooks) (Ford Truck)
Leftover points: 1

*Boundary: 5
Dale’s chancel can be reached by setting out into the unknown. When you are confronted by threshold guardians that tell you to turn back, try to scare you, or otherwise make you want to stick to what you know and maybe don’t go that way, just keep going. This will lead you on a classical adventure in the mode of a monomyth. When you have completed your quest, you will have reached Dale’s chancel. In fact, you will have been there all along. Some nobles have had success by simply making enough of a ruckus that Dale had to show up to calm things down. This may be a good way to get hold of him if all you need to do is talk to him, but don’t expect him to do you any favors.


Dale Kerwilson

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